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I'm joining an expedition to sled over 200 kilometers across the wilds of the Arctic Circle in the depths of the Norwegian winter (January 2009). With possible temperatures down to as low as -30C and extreme conditions such as blizzards and high winds, it's going to be a huge challenge both mentally and physically - I think just trying to keep the sled upright and in a straight line will be a challenge in itself! Added to that there are very steep inclines to run and push the sled up, and with the fact we'll be working hard and travelling long hours - I think this is going to be tough; the huskies will expect me to be working as hard as they are. We'll be looking after the dogs ourselves for the week, each of us having our own team of 4-6 dogs and a sled to work with.
I'm going to have to get very fit, and yes... even give up smoking... so that's just another reason to sponsor me. I'll try and keep this blog up to date with progress and information about the trip.
I'm doing this for many reasons, but one of the main ones is to raise money for Amnesty International. I'm funding the costs of this all myself, so every penny you give will go to Amnesty International. If you'd like to donate(sponsor me) just click on the Donate button in the Justgiving widget on the right or you can go to www.justgiving.com/jonandthehuskies

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Thank you for considering sponsoring me... it'll really will make a difference, and it'll help keep me going slogging up hills (in the rain and cold I'm sure) trying to get fit in time...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Latitude 51.4832 N

If this works, which i will have to assume it does, this will be the first mobile blog. So far so good. I have made it to the Heathrow Sheraton bar and an happily sitting here reading The Mammoth Book of Polar Journeys. It's crazy what some of those guys went though... Eating lichen and leather to stay alive!
I'm proud to announce my first corporate sponsor - Kate's Taxis. If you are ever in the Box and Corsham area and need a taxi then you can reach them on 01225 810404.
In terms of Adventure, so far things have been fairly straightforward. There was a minor encounter with a policeman, a unexpectedly free bus ride and I forgot to pay the taxi. You may attempt to fill in the blanks yourselves.
I should meet one of my fellow sleddees later, so looking forward to that.

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