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I'm joining an expedition to sled over 200 kilometers across the wilds of the Arctic Circle in the depths of the Norwegian winter (January 2009). With possible temperatures down to as low as -30C and extreme conditions such as blizzards and high winds, it's going to be a huge challenge both mentally and physically - I think just trying to keep the sled upright and in a straight line will be a challenge in itself! Added to that there are very steep inclines to run and push the sled up, and with the fact we'll be working hard and travelling long hours - I think this is going to be tough; the huskies will expect me to be working as hard as they are. We'll be looking after the dogs ourselves for the week, each of us having our own team of 4-6 dogs and a sled to work with.
I'm going to have to get very fit, and yes... even give up smoking... so that's just another reason to sponsor me. I'll try and keep this blog up to date with progress and information about the trip.
I'm doing this for many reasons, but one of the main ones is to raise money for Amnesty International. I'm funding the costs of this all myself, so every penny you give will go to Amnesty International. If you'd like to donate(sponsor me) just click on the Donate button in the Justgiving widget on the right or you can go to www.justgiving.com/jonandthehuskies

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If you don't want to use Justgiving or just want to make a pledge, or just want to get in touch, then please email me at jonandthehuskies@googlemail.com

Thank you for considering sponsoring me... it'll really will make a difference, and it'll help keep me going slogging up hills (in the rain and cold I'm sure) trying to get fit in time...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A weight off my mind

After some investigation in this 15kg limit, it would appear this is a baggage limit for a flight, which I suppose must be the flight between Oslo and Alta, anyway, this makes things a bit easier as it means it doesn't include my heavy jacket, heavy shoes, carried liquid,or I guess my hand luggage... so I think I shall be just fine.
Of course, we've still got to dump as much stuff as possible at the Base in Gargia, so I've still got to pack as light as possible and keep seperate kit for the return flights (etc) - so sense in carrying that around with us.
I got some publicity in the East Lothian Courier today, so that was good, Mum sent them an email mentioning I'd been a student at the local school etc... not sure if it'll bring in any extra sponsorship but it won't do any harm, perhaps an old school friend or teacher might pop some pennies in the jar? ;)

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